7 Dating ‘Quick Fixes’ That Can Actually Work

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Most dating ‘quick fixes’ are baloney, but not all of them.

If a dating coach claims his magical pick-up line will hook any woman’s attention, he’s a scammer. If a marketer claims the latest cologne or wristwatch will make you more attractive, you’re a sucker for believing them.

Yet, there are some ‘quick fixes’ that can help to attract a woman into your bed TONIGHT.

1. This ‘Quick Fix’ Can 10X Your Online Dating Matches

Online dating doesn’t work for most guys. Data suggests that it’s only the top 20% of attractive men getting anything from dating apps.

But the good news is: most guys have no idea how to create an attractive profile.

If you invest in a photoshoot with a professional photographer, you’ll create one of the most eye-catching profiles in your city.

A pro will be able to shoot you with perfect light and framing. They’ll help you to strike the right poses. Many will even touch up your photos using editing software. This can be all it takes to rocket you into that top 20% of guys who actually get matches.

2. This ‘Quick Fix’ Gets Your Foot In The Door

A Rolex or Gucci belt won’t get you too far on their own. It’s a silly idea that any clothing item can get you laid.

However, you do need your appearance to pass a minimum threshold to attract most women.

If your beard or haircut make you look homeless, that’s a problem. If your clothes are dorky or don’t fit you properly, they need to be changed.

You need to look like you can take care of yourself, at the very least. If you’re not at that level, a basic makeover is the ‘quick fix’ you need most.

3. The Most Important ‘Quick Fix’ For Regular Guys

Most dateless guys aren’t putting themselves out there enough.

The majority upload a half-assed dating profile onto a couple of apps and hope for the best. Some might try sending cold DMs to Instagram models. A few might go to the club with their boys, only to not approach any hotties.

This isn’t enough for regular guys to achieve amazing success with women. The most important ‘quick fix’ for these men is simply to put themselves out there.

Most men aren’t approaching any women in the real world these days. A few might do it once in a blue moon, even though it’s far easier to stand out and make an emotional impact this way.

Commit to going outside and meeting women for 30 days — and you’ll often be astonished with the results. Especially if you adopt the rest of these quick fixes.

4. A ‘Quick Fix’ To Boost Your Confidence Around Women

It’s no secret that alcohol helps men to attract women. Alcohol registered an assist for all of my seductions before 2014. Without it, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to approach anyone. So, it would be dishonest not to list it as a ‘quick fix’ in this guide.

There are obvious downsides to drinking all the time though. And it’s not sustainable to swig a shot of vodka every time you want to chat up a hottie.

So, I also want to recommend my alternative method of losing my inhibitions. It’s called social momentum. The basic idea is to put yourself in a flow state by approaching many groups of people with no gap between interactions.

You can learn more about how it works in the guide below.

5. A ‘Quick Fix’ To Help You Believe In Yourself

I took a cheap swipe at ‘pick-up lines’ earlier, but they can be useful.

It’s not the lines themselves that woo women, but your belief in them.

It’s your vibe that attracts women more than your words. So, if you’re super-confident that a pick-up line will hook a woman’s attention, it probably will. After all, that confidence will result in more excitement, better body language, stronger vocal tonality etc.

That’s why I give my dating coaching students a basic 3-step guide to obtain a woman’s contact details. With a basic structure in their mind, they don’t have to stress about what to say next. This allows them to focus on bringing a great vibe to the conversation.

So, feel free to steal my three steps from the guide below. It has worked countless times for me and my students. It could therefore be the perfect ‘quick fix’ to help you believe in yourself when approaching women.

6. The ‘F Word’ That’ll Make You 10X More Attractive

The sixth ‘quick fix’ is a mindset shift. I want you to focus on having FUN with the women you meet, instead of trying to get something from them.

Desperation and neediness are two of the least attractive qualities in a man.

Focus too much on the outcome of your interactions and you’ll inevitably come off as too needy. It’s a woman-repellent.

Concentrate on FUN instead and women will be desperate to hang out with you more. From there, it’s just a case of making that happen.

7. The ‘Quick Fix’ To Skyrocket Your Success

Wayne Gretzky famously said: ”You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

We’ve all heard that quote and it sounds obvious. But there are still so many guys getting into conversations with hotties and not shooting their shots.

Their low self-esteem and fear of rejection overwhelm them. So, they do nothing and never see that woman again. Even when the conversation was going well.

Women want to go on dates with fun and interesting men. They want to have sex with great guys. But it’s up to you to make that happen.

The ‘quick fix’ of actually making a move could change your life forever with the right woman.

If you’re the type of guy who struggles to attract or keep a woman’s attention, my book Big Dick Energy will help you. It features 12 powerful exercises to help you unleash your confident masculine energy and attract amazing beautiful women. You can learn more by clicking here or watching the video below.

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