4 Cheap and Easy DIY Closet Organization Ideas You’ll Love

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Organizing your closet can be one overwhelming task. Between countless pairs of shoes, piles of accessories, and outfits for every occasion, it takes time to  figure out where to start. On top of cleaning, decluttering, and sorting through your things, you also need to develop an effective closet organization system. That way, your small closet will stay organized and orderly throughout the year.Instead of rushing out to buy brand-new closet organization shelves, boxes, and bins, why not try a low-cost closet organization DIY? It’s a win-win: You’ll bring a sense of order to your chaotic closet, plus save money in the process. 

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How to Organize Your Closet On a Budget With Easy DIYs

If you’re searching for DIY closet organization ideas on a budget, read on for some foolproof tips that you (and your wallet) will love.

Before You DIY: How to Create More Closet Space

Before organizing your closet, it’s essential to take a few necessary steps to prepare your space. First, take a mental inventory of what you have and what you’d like to toss or donate. That way, you can figure out how much space you really need for your belongings. Here are some ways to declutter and create more space in your closet:

Par down to necessities. Perhaps the most critical part of closet organization is deciding what you’ll hang onto and get rid of. What pieces do you reach for most often? Are there any shirts, pants, dresses, accessories, or shoes that have been shoved aside for years? Take the time to go through everything you own one by one. Donate items that are in good condition, or consider selling them to a local thrift store. You can also sell clothing on apps and websites like Poshmark or ThredUP.

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Separate clothing to save closet space. Having a better idea of what clothing you’ll be keeping makes organizing a small closet much easier. Keep the items you wear daily or weekly easily accessible, and reassign everything else to a less-crowded closet or more appropriate storage space. For example, everyday hoodies, t-shirts, and jeans may live in your bedroom closet. But suits, dresses, and fancy shoes for special occasions can be tucked away in a separate area.

Spiff up the closet. Before you get to organizing your closet, take a look at any newly empty space. Would you like to add a bright pop of color? Maybe a fun mirror or light fixture? How about some closet organization shelves to make your life easier? Now is the time to do so! Creating a closet space that brings you joy may inspire you to keep the space tidy long-term.

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Repurpose what you can. A closet organization DIY doesn’t need to be super complicated. If you have extra boxes, baskets, shelving, chests of drawers, hooks, or rods lying around, use them! These storage solutions are all relatively easy to install, making it easier to stow and access your stuff with minimal effort and changes.

Expand your space. Take a look at your current closet space. Is there any additional vertical or horizontal space you’re not currently taking advantage of? For example, raising an existing shelf or clothing rod a few inches can make a world of difference in creating more usable space. And don’t overlook the back of the closet door! This is an excellent spot to place hooks to hold hats, scarves, umbrellas, and more. 

DIY Closet Organization Ideas On a Budget

Now that you’ve created more space inside your closet, it’s time to DIY! Regardless of your particular closet’s unique size and layout, there are tons of cheap alternatives for every pricey storage solution offered by larger retailers. With as little as five simple products, your closet looking clean and organized in no time. (Without breaking the bank!)

Here are our top 4 favorite DIY closet organization ideas: 

DIY Closet Organization Idea #1: Separate your items with PVC pipe.

When it comes to simple, low-cost tools for home organization, PVC pipes are a fantastic option. In fact, they’re one of the most versatile tools on the market! Because PVC pipes come in so many sizes, they can be used pretty much anywhere. Not to mention they’re incredibly budget-friendly, too. 

Via Portal de Artensanto

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Aside from general home organization, PVC pipes are also great for organizing closets of all shapes and sizes. Here are three different ways they can be used: 

PVC Pipes as shoe racks: With just a little effort, PVC pipes can be arranged into the perfect space-saving shoe organizer. First, cut your PVC pipe into smaller pieces about the size of one shoe. Then, glue the tops and sides of the cylinders together in a pyramid or honeycomb-like shape. Once dry, place a pair of shoes into each slot, and you’re done! You can always add more slots as your shoe collection grows.

PVC Pipes as drawer dividers: Tired of dealing with messy, overflowing drawers? PVC pipe acts as the perfect organizational divider for your smaller pieces of clothing. Simply cut thin pieces and assemble them next to each other inside your drawers. These dividers work best for socks, bras, underwear, ties, and scarves.

PVC Pipes as accessory hooks: Looking to take advantage of your vertical space? PVC pipe makes for a versatile tool to hang jewelry, scarves, hats, and other accessories on a closet wall or the inside of a door. Look for curved PVC pipe attachments from your local hardware store and attach them to the desired wall as hooks for purses and bags. To make them beautiful and match your aesthetic, you can spruce them up with a fun paint color. Bonus: PVC pipes even come with built-in storage for sunglasses, wallets, keys, and other small accessories.

Cost for PVC pipes: Approximately $2-$4 for every 10 feet.

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DIY Closet Organization Idea #2: Organize accessories with shower curtain hooks.

Did you know: Shower curtain hooks can be used outside of the bathroom, too! 

Via Storage Geek

Also known as shower curtain rings, these small, nondescript hooks are one of the best-kept DIY secrets. And when it comes to closet organization, shower curtain hooks can quickly solve many of the issues you may run into. What’s even better? Shower curtain hooks are available in large quantities for very little money, making them incredibly budget-friendly. 

How to Use Shower Curtain Hooks to Organize Your Closet: 

Jeans & Pants: If you’ve been folding your jeans and keeping them in drawers, try mixing it up! By hanging your jeans from their belt loops on shower hooks, you can keep them visible and easily accessible. When it comes time to pick your outfit, you won’t have to dig through a drawer for the right pair. Plus, it’s an easy way to level up your closet space. Shower curtain hooks can give you the visual feel of a boutique right in your home! 

Tank tops: Another simple solution for maximum visibility: strappy tank tops hung from shower curtain rings. First, hook each individual tank top through one shower curtain ring. Next, connect the shower curtain rings to a standard hanger. This keeps all your tank tops on one hanger without layering them up and making it impossible to grab one without taking the rest apart. It’s better than keeping them piled up in drawers, too.

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Jewelry: Shower curtain hooks also work great for accessory storage. From scarves and baseball hats to jewelry, purses, ties, and more, you can hang just about any outfit add-on from a shower curtain ring to save on precious closet space. Plus, the shower hook method means nothing gets wrinkled the way things do when folded or tossed in a bin. Nothing’s worse than a crumpled baseball cap, a deflated purse, or tangled jewelry. 

DIY Closet Organization Idea #3: Go vertical with tension rods.

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Tension rods are lifesavers when organizing any room in the house. From spray bottles and cleaning supplies under the bathroom sink to a cluttered kitchen cabinet space, there are endless uses for this simple and budget-friendly item in your home. And closets are no different! By adding a single tension rod to your wardrobe, you can create an ample amount of new space inside your bedroom closet.

The best part about tension rods is that they don’t just help organize your belongings. They add more storage space to what you already have by taking advantage of unused parts of your walls. Whether you add a tension rod close to the floor or above a high shelf, you’re adding vertical storage and maximizing the space in your closet.

Via Apartment Therapy

How to Use Tension Rods to Organize a Closet

Need some inspiration? Here are a few creative ways to utilize tension rods in a small closet space:

  • Create a shoe rack for high heels, flats and tennis shoes.
  • Organize your scarves by wrapping them around the tension rod.
  • Hang your necklaces and bracelets without getting them tangled.
  • Place your hats on tension rods above your closet shelves.
  • Use them in small spaces to hang baby clothes and accessories.

Bonus: For closets without doors, you can hang a stylish curtain with a tension rod to hide your wardrobe and compartmentalize the room. This works exceptionally well in studio apartments where closet space is limited. 

Average Cost: $5 per tension rod

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DIY Closet Organization Idea #4: Corral your belongings with baskets.

Via HomeBNC
Looking for a quick, easy, and budget-friendly way to organize a small closet? Maybe you’ve got some shelf space to spare after purging your closet, or you just need a new way to shake up the look and feel of your storage space. 

If you’re short on time and resources, storage baskets may be a great solution for you. Perfect for corralling all of your smaller items and accessories, closet storage baskets can be used in countless ways. Plus, they’re available in a wide variety of materials like wicker, cloth, and even plastic to match your desired aesthetic. 

How to Use Baskets to Organize Your Closet

Rather than stuffing your small accessories in drawers, why not keep them in themed baskets instead? Here’s how to maximize space with closet storage baskets: 

Small closet organization: For those that don’t have a large closet, baskets are a great way to create additional space for your items. Place them on empty shelves or even on the floor as the layout of your closet allows. Don’t have a ton of overhead shelving or floor shelving in your closet? Shelves can be easily added to walls or the backs of doors. You could also consider using wire cube shelves to section off each basket seamlessly.

How to use baskets to organize hats: Are beanies a staple in your everyday wardrobe? Do you have a substantially extensive collection of sports team baseball caps? For any hat person, storage baskets are a great closet organization solution. Simply organize any hats you don’t wear often into a basket and tuck it away for safekeeping. Whether you sort them by style, color, or even sports team, storage baskets are an affordable way to keep your caps organized. 

How to use baskets to store accessories: If you’re someone with lots of accessories on hand at all times, we’ve got you covered. Simple storage baskets provide the perfect home for smaller accessories like belts, scarves, purses, wallets, and clutches. Instead of tossing them in a drawer or on top of your dresser, create designated baskets for each accessory type you’d like to store in your closet.

Average Cost: $5 per basket

Ready to Tackle Some DIY Closet Organization Ideas?

Next time you’re in the mood to give your closet a little TLC, don’t go running to the store to buy expensive traditional closet storage solutions. Instead, use these unique and inexpensive DIY closet organization ideas to keep your room (and your outfits) looking perfect.

What are some of your favorite tips for organizing your closet on a budget? Is there anything we missed? Let us know on social media!

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This post 4 Cheap and Easy DIY Closet Organization Ideas You’ll Love appeared first on Life Storage Blog.