38 Useful Camping Hacks and Tips

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To be honest with you, I’m not camping’s biggest fan.

But as it is a cheap way to get away with all the kids so hubby and I have resolved to ‘get more into camping’.

If you are struggling to get yourself over the line to catch the camping bug, do what I did – inspire yourself with camping hacks! You’ll be off camping just to try out some of these ingenious hacks, and before you know it you’ll be having a great time!

1. Corn chips (I tried with Doritos) make a great substitute for fire starters or kindling when starting a camp fire.

Always check fire restrictions before starting a fire.

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2. Adding bunches of sage to your campfire or fire pit keeps mosquitoes and bugs away.

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3. Place foam floor tiles on the bottom of your tent for a softer floor.

These are amazing for camping because it is portable and easy to put together! Lets you sleep better, too!

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Study up on these poisonous plants + what to do – just in case!

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5. This hack is for all the coffee lovers out there.

Just like what you’d do with a tea bag, pour some coffee grounds on a coffee filter and then tie it up.

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6. Place rosemary on (smouldering) coals to infuse flavour and then cook meat or veggies on grill as normal. 

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7. When bitten by a mosquito, apply some deodorant to the bite to stop itching. 

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8. Break the soap up into single use leaves using a vegetable peeler. This way you preserve and lengthen the life of your soap – portable, too!

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9. Make sure you have a portable first aid kit on hand.

An old prescription bottle is a great option. Fill it with band aids and gauze pads and some necessary medicine if there’s still space.

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10. Place toilet paper inside an old blank CD packaging. Genius, huh?

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11. Create a makeshift shower using a large water jug and a watering can head.

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12. Keep all your toiletries together on a lanyard then hang it over the camp shower. Convenient!

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13. Mark your trail using a biodegradable tape. You don’t get lost and you also help minimise the negative impact to the environment.

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14. Here’s a great hack to keep ingredients and food cold and so you can bring water, too!

Freeze bottles of water and place it inside your ice chest along with the other food. When you arrive, you have cold water and your food and drinks are kept cold!

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15. Make sure your stuff stays dry no matter the weather by lining your bag with heavy duty garbage bag.

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16. Prevent cookware from rusting by keeping silica gel packs.

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17. A hillbilly washing machine! Click here for instructions on how to create one.

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18. And this one’s an awesome DIY loo.

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19. Pre-scramble the eggs and put it in an empty water bottle. Saves space and lessen your stress.

No need to worry that the eggs might break.

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20. Here’s a great idea just in case you forgot to bring a spoon!

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21. There’s less to clean up after eating if you line your jaffle iron with foil.

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22. Here’s a convenient way to bring spices on your camping trip. Empty tic tac boxes – what a clever idea!

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23. Pack light! Leave your pillow at home and use your bag filled with clothing as a pillow.

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24. If you want a hack on how to dry your soaked shoes, well here it is!

Stuff a wrinkled newspaper inside each shoe – it dries faster!

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25. No hanger? No problem! Use bread tag to hang your shirts.

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26. Dab toothpaste on to a paper plate then let it dry. Cover it with another paper plate, put in a plastic bag then bring it with you during camping.

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27. Prepare meals in advance and vacuum seal for easy storage and transport.

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28. Make a pre-made pancake mix using shortening and dry milk – no need to refrigerate.

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29. Secure the main centre line using a small stick. See the photo below!

The stick is great in tightening the line evenly.

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30. Put a battery-powered tea light candle into an empty jam jar to make portable lanterns.

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31. Strap a head lamp to a gallon jug of water and you’ll have plenty of light.

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32. Here’s a cool way to light up the tent! The kids will love this DIY Paint Lantern!

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33. Place rocks in the bin before lining it with a garbage bag. It won’t be blown away easily in case of strong winds!

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34. In case you run out of candles and run out of phone battery for a flashlight, this DIY orange candle will save the day (or night).

Check out the tutorial here!

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35. This DIY Calamine Lotion is definitely better than store-bought ones.

Make some before your camping trip and bring it with you in case of sunburn or itchy bug bites!

Click here for the tutorial!


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36. Organise your kitchen utensils during the camp with a shoe organizer like the one in the photo or something similar.

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37. Use an old belt and some hooks to hang pots and pans!

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38. Empty bulk-size washing detergent packs can be reused as a camp hand washing station.

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Do you have more camping hacks to share?



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