27 DIY Santa Craft for Christmas Decoration Ideas

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There is no better way to get a memorable spirit of holiday season than filling it with fun and interesting activities with family. Christmas is all about spending your time with your family and full of joy. One of activities that you can do is decorating your home as festive and interesting as you can. Involving the participation of all family members will be more fun. You can do everything. From decorating the Christmas tree to the crafting time.

Focus on the hallmark of Christmas day. One of them is the presence of Santa Claus. You can make a few project centered around this man. Capture the iconic things of the Santa Claus and bring this to life in your DIY projects. From white beard, red coat, and rosy cheeks. You can make it with simple materials around you. If you still wondering where to start, here are some DIY Santa Claus ideas for your Christmas home decor.

Popsicle Stick Santa

Popsicle stick Santa ideas are a fun way to decorate your tree this year. You can create a red Santa hat and white body from these popsicle stick. For the Santa beard, you can use white cotton or foam. For the face, paint the popsicle stick white. Add a red button nose under the googly eye.


Welcoming Christmas this year with joy, try making DIY Christmas decorations using popsicle sticks. Pour your creative ideas to make this decoration, combine some popsicle sticks using glue to make Santa’s face. To make it more real you can stick white cotton for Santa’s bushy beard and also use red flannel to make his hat. Don’t forget to add doll eyes to make it look real. DIY popsicle stick Santa with cotton beard from artsycraftsymom.


If you want cheap and easy-to-find Christmas decorations around you, try making DIY Christmas decorations using popsicle sticks with your family. Making DIY Santa hat Christmas decorations is the easiest thing you can try. Just prepare three popsicle sticks and combine them into a triangle shape and give the popsicle stick a red color then add cotton on the bottom popsicle stick until it closes and one cotton on the end of the DIY Christmas hat decoration. Santa hat popsicle stick from artsycraftsymom.


Don’t hesitate to make DIY Christmas tree decorations, using popsicle sticks you can create beautiful and interesting results. Not always using white cotton to make long beards on miniature Santa, you can also use popsicle sticks painted white for Santa beards on your DIY Christmas tree decorations. Paint the face in the center as closely as possible so that your DIY popsicle stick Christmas tree decoration looks attractive. Miniature popsicle stick Santa from thecraftpatchblog.


Not only his face, you can also make Santa to his body using a popsicle stick. Combine the popsicle sticks that you have colored, use small parts to make Santa’s face and use the rest as his body. Black buttons can be attached to the body at a distance that is not too far away. Popsicle Santa with button accent from thebestideasforkids.


Not always for Christmas tree decorations, you can also make DIY popsicle stick Christmas decorations to put on the table or as Christmas gifts. With simple and inexpensive materials you can make many miniature Santa that you can use to decorate all corners of the room at Christmas. This will create a new center of attention this Christmas. Popsicle stick Santa Christmas gift from diyncrafts.

Clothespin Santa

Clothespin Santa are a great craft for children. These adorable little characters can be used to hang from the trees. There are some things you can use to create a fun clothespin Santa, such as a pom-pom, a paintbrush. Paint the clothespin in red and add white accent to create Santa beard. Then, you can decorate it as you wish with a variety of materials.


Before making a wooden clothespin as a DIY Santa, the first thing you can do is smooth the rough edges so that the red and white paint mix can stick perfectly. Paint continued Santa’s face with glossy fine-grained sandpaper. Smooth the clothespins before making DIY Santa from saturdayeveningpost.


In addition to being painted, wooden tongs can also be coated with red flannel which can be used as a Santa clothes bandage that can be hung on your Christmas tree as an addition to the very popular Christmas ornaments. The black belt accent on this Santa is a sweet finishing touch. Santa clothespin in flannel wrap from virginiasweetpea.


If you want a cheap and easy Christmas ornament to make, Santa clothespins are a smart idea that you can try. Now you can add cotton accents on the body and a shiny red hat as a Santa hat accent. For the face you can paint it using a black ballpoint pen. Not quite easy to make. DIY Santa clothespin in cotton wrap from smashedpeasandcarrots.


Don’t just use one tongs to make a Santa ornament this year, but you need four for the legs and arms. Before being attached to this Santa ornament, you can repaint the clothespin in red to match the shiny body accent because it is sprinkled with glitter. Red clothespins as legs and arms ornament Santa from thebestideasforkids.


Santa’s clothespin pinspot ornament does not have to be large, you can choose this ornament because it has a cute and adorable shape. Besides being a hanging ornament on your Christmas tree, this Santa clothespin can also be used as a Christmas gift that will make children happier and happier. DIY pinspot clothespin Santa from christmas.365greetings.

DIY Log Santa

All you need is a log and then cut it obliquely to create a Santa’s head. You can paint the top with red to create a Santa hat accent. Then on the bottom painted white to get Santa’s beard. Make eye dots with black paint and you can use cotton to make Santa’s nose. You can add red ribbon to beautify your DIY Santa log. And it’s ready to complete your Christmas decorations.


This Santa Claus craft is a pretty easy wooden holiday craft to make with your family. You can divide the work to make it perfect faster. Use red pine log material to make it more sturdy and not easily porous because it has a thicker and rougher material. Santa Claus red pine logs from decoist.


Tie three Santa logs with patterned red ribbon for an outdoor Christmas craft while turning this reclaimed wood into the cutest Christmas ornament. For this Santa face you can use a combination of red and white to make it look real. Tie three Santa logs with ribbon from decoist.


Some of these pine logs can be transformed into a Christmas ornament, namely Santa Claus. Currently you can put it outdoors because it has a material that is resistant to all weather changes, you can combine it with spiral lighting which has warm yellow lighting. The combination of Santa Claus logs with spiral lighting from myamazingthings.


Change the function of the log as a Christmas ornament this year by changing its appearance into a Santa craft by painting and painting the face, beard and body as closely as possible. The addition of a Christmas hat to cover the top of this wooden log makes it look more beautiful and neat. Not only Santa, but you can also combine it with a wooden log snowman. The combination of Santa’s log and snowman from hip2save.


When you have several log pieces with different sizes and sizes, you can reuse them as Santa ornaments by painting the face using a combination of red and white paint. This DIY Santa log can be placed outdoors as the first welcome your family and friends come to your house. Different pieces of Santa’s logs from frugalcouponliving.

Paper Santa Claus

If you’re looking for a cheap and simple DIY santa craft idea, a paper santa is a great way to add a personal touch to your Christmas decorations. These are also an inexpensive way to give your home a personal touch. A paper santa can be handmade.


Cone Santa made of origami paper is one of the adorable little Christmas ornaments. You can use your creativity to shape it according to your convenience, make sure you follow the tutorial on YouTube carefully. Santa cone ornaments from krokotak.


These two colors of red and white paper can make your craft fun and exciting, you can turn it into a Santa cone ornament that is equipped with doll eyes and a Christmas hat. Apart from being used as room decorations, paper Santa can also be used as gifts. Red and white paper cone Santa from easypeasyandfun.


Reuse newspaper that is not read to be recycled into Santa’s face. Newspaper is more resistant to multiple layers of paint and glue so it is not easily torn and damaged. After this Santa cut is perfect then you can paste it on a cardboard that is painted in blue. DIY Santa Newspaper from thesprucecrafts.


To welcome Christmas this year, you can make a Santa paper craft that makes a fun Christmas holiday theme. Use doll eyes and pom-poms to accent the nose. For the beard, you can use white paper that has been cut into minimal pieces. Santa paper with nose pom-poms from thesprucecrafts.


Take advantage of some of the materials available at home to fill your Christmas day on the weekend, paper Santa is a craft that can bring fun creations. Eye accents and hats are the final touches that must also be applied neatly and in accordance with the original. This craft is quite easy to make and does not cost much. Paper Santa on budget from proudtobeprimary.


Get paper and markers to make into a DIY craft ornament that can express a different face to Santa. You can use paint and sketch pens as the main ingredients needed. This black belt is perfected with a black belt to make Santa’s look more beautiful. DIY paper Santa ornament with belt from deavita.

Santa Mason Jar Gift

There are many ways to make a Mason jar Santa gift. The most popular ones are made from fabric and decorated with Mod Podge. Some gifts can be filled with a candle, and others may be filled with a small amount of candy. You can add a Santa buckle accent from cardstock in black. Don’t forget to add Christmas gift tags at the top of mason jar.


The Mason jar that is converted into a Santa ornament is quite easy to make, you just need to add a black belt and black buttons on the outer surface as decorations as well as accents that emphasize this Santa ornament. When everything is installed neatly and as you wish, you can give it to your loved ones or friends. Mason jar Santa with black belt from hellocreativefamily.


If you are going to give a Santa mason gift to your friends or family at Christmas, then you should fill it with candy that has a red color to match the Christmas theme this year. The gift label that hangs on the outer surface of this Santa will be given to the right person and according to the expected person. Santa mason filled with candy from polkadotchair.


Before using a mason jar for DIY Santa ornaments, you can wash it first and then clean it using a tissue or clean cloth. Then you can decorate it with a belt that has a mix of black and gold glitter. Black buttons arranged vertically are also an additional accent that can be applied easily. Santa mason with black belt and gold glitter from modpodgerocksblog.


This Santa painted mason jar is one of the easiest Christmas ornaments to do with your family to welcome Christmas with great joy. Here you can simply add belt accents, buttons and striped ribbons that have a mix of red and white colors. After everything is installed neatly then you can make it as a Christmas decoration or gift. Santa painted mason jar from theribbonretreat.


If you have a large number of mason jars in your kitchen, then you can use one of these jars as an easy and inexpensive Christmas ornament. You can paint the outer surface of this jar with a Santa pattern which is dominated by red and white. Next add hemp rope at the top of the mason jar to make it as a ribbon accent. Santa mason jar painting from temeculablogs.


Printed Santa applied to the lid of this mason jar emphasizes DIY Christmas ornaments that can be used as gifts. You can line the inner surface of this mason jar with a red cloth that has a snowflake pattern. The black belt and silver glitter are finishing touches that you can easily apply outside of this mason jar. Printed Santa mason jar from crazylittleprojects.

What’s more fun than Christmas than making decorations and crafts? Actually, there are many DIY Santa ideas from other materials. But hopefully, some of these ideas can inspire you. Follow these ideas and make your holiday more memorable.