23 Shark Tank products with a cult followingand why theyre worth it

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23 Shark Tank products with a cult followingand why theyre worth it— Recommendations are independently chosen by Revieweds editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

Shark Tank has been looking for the next big thing since the show started in 2009. While the titular Sharks havent always made the best deals, they have found quite a few popular hits over the years. Some of the products that appeared on the show like the Squatty Potty and Bombas, now have loyal followings and devoted fans. Which has us wondering, whats so great about these items and do they actually work?

From a cover that makes painting so much easier to silicone bags that hold sandwiches, these are 23 of the most popular products from Shark Tank and why people keep buying them over and over again.

1. A stool that helps you squat on the pot

Squatty Potty
Credit: Squatty Potty

The No.1 product for No.2.

Everybody poops. Its a fact of life, but there are some days you cant easily relieve yourself. The Squatty Potty is designed to address that problem. Basically, its a stool that rests around the base of your toilet. When its time to go, put your feet on it so youre squatting rather than sitting with your feet flat on the floor. This actually straightens out your colon so you dont have to work as hard to make a deposit in the porcelain bank.

The Squatty Potty became a sensation shortly after its Shark Tank debut, likely out of curiosity and its delightful name. But its maintained its popularity because it actually works. As noted in our review, the only downside of the Squatty Potty is that itll make all other toilets seem inferior.

Get the Squatty Potty from Amazon for $24.99

2. A razor for when you want to groom down there

Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar

Clean up the hedges "down there."

A father and son founded Manscaped in order to make below-the-belt grooming easier and safer for those who identify as male. Together they created a safe, reliable razor and hair trimmer, and Mark Cuban quickly jumped on board as an investor.

Overall the Manscaped Lawn Mower 2.0s simple, efficient design makes it a solid grooming tool that most people could add to their grooming routine. Its developed a bit of a following, too: It currently has over 1,000 reviews on Amazon and more than half of those are 5-star reviews.

Get the Manscaped Lawn Mower 2.0 from Amazon for $59.99

3. The blanket that doubles as a hoodie

Credit: Reviewed / Amanda Tarlton / The Comfy

This might be better than a Snuggie.

The Comfy addresses a common wintertime complaint: Getting up from under a warm blanket off to get some water, charge your phone, or really anything that involves moving around. This Shark Tank product is the perfect combination of a blanket and hoodie, so you can stay nice and cozy even when youre not on your couch. The Comfy has more than 1,200 reviews and an average 4.8-star rating on Amazon. Fans are obsessed with it because its cozy, warm, and soft, making it the perfect thing to lounge around in on a cold day.

Get the Comfy on Amazon for $39.99

4. A case to keep paint brushes wet and ready

Pain Brush Cover
Credit: Pain Brush Cover / Reviewed / Brigitt Earley

Keep your brush wet and your DIY projects flowing.

Painting your house isnt the most enjoyable activity and it can take a long time. Plus, in between painting sessions, brushes need to be washed or kept wet so that they can be used for the next coat. Its honestly a little shocking that the Paint Brush Cover wasnt around before its Shark Tank debut, given its simplicity and overall utility. But the show is really what brought the item to prominence.

The idea behind it is ingenious: Keep a wet brush in the cover and you can return to it whenever you want. In our test, our brush was still wet and usable after two weeks after sitting in the Paint Brush Cover, so its a win in our books.

Get the Paint Brush Cover on Amazon for $3.58

5. Socks that give back to those in need

Credit: Bombas Reviewed / Brigitt Earley

These socks are great on your feet and give back.

Bombas was featured on Shark Tank in 2014 and became successful enough to have Zac Efron star in one of their commercials in 2017. Nowadays, the company sponsors just about every podcast on the internet. This sharp jump in profile came from a loyal, growing following that praises Bombass high-quality socks.

According to reviews, Bombas socks are soft, breathable, and durable. Theyre built to last so you wont have to worry about holes while youre getting ready, and theyre antimicrobial so they dont get too stinky. Plus, the company donates a pair to the homeless community after every purchase, so you can feel extra good about buying them.

Get Bombas socks on Amazon for $24

6. A sponge thats made for scrubbing

Scrub Daddy
Credit: Scrub Daddy

This is soon to be your favorite sponge.

A good sponge should be able to go from soft to firm so it clean any surface and every baked in stain. It also needs to be strong and easy to wash, so it doesnt need frequent replacements from getting too grimey.The Scrub Daddy checks off all of these boxes and more, which is why this Shark Tank product is one of our favorite sponges of 2019. Warm water makes it nice and soft while cold water keeps it firm and tough, so it can tackle the greasiest of pans.

Get the Scrub Daddy on Amazon for $6.99

7. A picnic blanket for the 21st century

Monkey Mat
Credit: Monkey Mat

Ideal for picnics and monkeying around.

The Monkey Mat was a hit among the Sharks because it addresses every basic complaint about beach or picnic blankets. The weighted corners keep it from blowing away on a windy day, and it folds up in a small pouch so its not too bulky to carry around. When we tried it for ourselves, we also loved that its water repellant, meaning it doesnt need to be washed after each use. With an average 4-star rating on Amazon, its clear that people have realized that the Monkey Mat is superior to a standard outdoor blanket.

Get the Monkey Mat on Amazon for $34.64

8. A deodorant without any harmful chemicals

PiperWai Natural Deodorant
Credit: PiperWai

A natural switch for you B.O.

Some people are trying to make the switch from synthetic and artificial materials in their deodorant, but worry that natural products might not be the best for masking body odor. Fortunately, the PiperWai Natural Deodorant was brought to the Sharks found and welcomed by the masses. This natural deodorant is made from activated charcoal, which is great for absorbing odors. While it has an initial distinct dark color, it turns clear during the application process so you dont have to worry about stains on your clothes.

Get the PiperWai Natural Deodorant on Amazon for $11.99

9. Festive clothing for every holiday

Tipsy Elves
Credit: Tipsy Elves

You know you want one of these wacky sweaters.

Shark Tanks Robert Herjavec has referred to Tipsy Elves as one of the most successful investments in Shark Tank history. This might seem surprising given that the company started by making something as trivial as ugly holiday sweaters, but the fun designs have earned a cult following over the years.

Thanks to that success, Tipsy Elves has expanded beyond December holidays. You can find outrageous and cheeky apparel for the summer, Thanksgiving, and even wedding parties.

Check out Tipsy Elves on Amazon

10. A tray that keeps your babys food off the floor

Happy Mat
Credit: ezpz

Kiddos will love eating off this adorable mat.

Feeding infants and toddlers can be difficult, especially if theyre picky eaters or just generally enjoy throwing food on the floor. The Happy Mat from ezpz sticks to tables and highchairs, so parents can serve food without worrying about where it will end up.

After one of our writers tried it out with their own toddler, they found that stubborn kids can in fact lift a Happy Mat, so food can still sometimes end up on the floor. That said, ezpzs mat has more than 1,100 5-star reviews on Amazon, showing that most families have found that it works for them.

Get the ezpz Happy Mat on Amazon for $24.99

11. Flowers that are kind to the planet

Credit: Bouqs

Beautiful and sustainable.

A bouquet of flowers can elevate any occasion and a houseplant can liven up any home, but unfortunately many bouquets and plants arent grown sustainably and can actually damage the environment. To be kinder to the planet, The Bouqs Company works with eco-friendly farmers and floristsand it got its start on Shark Tank.

That commitment is part of why The Bouqs is one of the best places to buy plants online The company also has a growing selection of houseplants to go along with its flowers, so you can find the perfect flora for your space.

Shop for flowers and plants on Bouqs

12. Cards that pop for any occasion

Love Pop
Credit: Lop Pop

These amazing cards are perfect for every occasion.

Lovepop found an investor in Shark Tanks Kevin OLeary because it shook up the greeting card game. The company specializes in pop-up cards with intricate, unique designs that are delightful to receive and later keep as decorations. While Lovepop has increased its brick-and-mortar footprint, its website is the best place to see the entire collection. Ranging from elegant flowers to Disney characters, you can find the perfect card for all of your friends and family.

Check out Lovepop to find the perfect card

13. An exercise board to mix up your workout

Simply Fit Board
Credit: Simply Fit

Twist and turn into a great workout.

The Simply Fit Board might be a small piece of exercise equipment, but this balance board engages your whole body for a tough workout. It has a rounded center with two places for your feet on either side, and once youre securely on the board, youll have to use your core and leg muscles to balance on the rounded bottom.

But the real benefits of the Simply Fit Board is its slim profile and lightweight build, making it easy to store within your home. And with more than 1,200 5-star reviews on Amazon, its clearly built a large following and people swear by it for a great at-home workout.

Get the Simply Fit Board on Amazon for $23.97

14. Earplugs to enjoy a concert without hurting your ears

Credit: Vibes

Rock out without blowing out your eardrums.

It might sound like a cranky complaint but most concerts can be too loud, which can potentially lead to permanent hearing loss. Although many music venues offer earplugs, they tend to be too large or uncomfortable and muffle sound to the point where you cant actually enjoy the show.

Enter the Vibes High Fidelity Concert Earplugs, which are earplugs for audiophiles who want to protect their hearing. Theyre designed to reduce sound and filter certain frequencies so you can still enjoy a show without feeling ringing in your ears for hours afterward.

Get the Vibes High Fidelity Concert Earplugs on Amazon for $23.98

15. A device that keeps your phone charged and cleaned

Phone Soap
Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar

Clean and charge your phone with this ingenious gadget.

Chances are youre probably holding your phone right now to read this articleand chances are its probably covered in bacteria. Gross. The PhoneSoap 3 UV Smartphone Sanitizer & Universal Charger will give your phone a nice scrub and claims to remove up to 99.99 percent of bacteria by using germicidal bulbs to stop the growth of bacteria.Our tests show that the sanitizing product can be hit or miss, as it sometimes leaves behind sizable bacteria colonies. But it cleans moderately well and can also charge nearly every smartphone, giving it a duel purpose.

Get the PhoneSoap 3 UV Smartphone Sanitizer & Universal Charger on Amazon for $79.95

16. A simple way to stabilize heels

Credit: Solemates

The mate your heel has been waiting for.

Heels are great for many occasions, but their functionality doesnt always match their fashionability. Often times, heels get caught in small gaps between boards on a deck, or sink in a wet, loose surface like grass. The Solemates Heel Protectors help stabilize them by sliding onto the bottom of the heel and providing a wider base for easier maneuvering. Its probably why more than half of the Amazon ratings are 5-star reviews.

Get the Solemates Heel Protectors on Amazon for $19.99

17. A stopper for the cracks in your car

Drop Stop
Credit: Drop Stop

Never lose your phone in the cracks again.

Youve dropped your keys in that space between your car seat and the center console one too many times. Everyones dropped their phone there too. It happens. But it doesnt have to. The Drop Stop blocks off those small cracks next to your seat, preventing this trivial issue. Its already one of our favorite Shark Tank products and were not alone: more than 4,600 5-star reviews on Amazon swear by the Drop Stop.

Get the Drop Stop on Amazon for $19.99

18. A rope that brings light wherever you go

Credit: Luminoodle

Illuminate the night.

The company Power Practical hit it big on Shark Tank with the PowerPot, an electric cooking pot, and now the companys reaching new heights with the Luminoodle, a portable LED light rope. This simple lighting solution can hang almost anywhere, so you illuminate dark corners at home or your spot at a campsite.

The Luminoodle powers up through USB and even comes with a bag for easy carrying. Between those convenient features and the reliable performance, Luminoodle has garnered almost 1,300 reviews on Amazon while maintaining an average 4.4-star rating.

Get the Luminoodle on Amazon for $19.99-$44.99

19. A bean bag chair for modern living

Credit: CordaRoy

Extra seating and sleeping.

Bean bag chairs have upgraded far beyond the small ones kids traditionally have in their bedrooms. But because larger adult bean bags take up so much space, people often wish they could do more than just sit on it. CordaRoys does just that as its bean bag chairs magically unfurls into a bed. If you have a ton of overnight guests, this could be a great way to ensure everyone gets a place to sleep.

Get CordaRoys on Amazon for $259.99

20. A reusable bag for sandwiches and snacks

Credit: Stasher

A sustainable way to store your snacks.

As with The Bouqs, Stasher Reusable Bags are an eco-friendly option that was a hit on Shark Tank. We also found they perform as well as they claim to as theyre among our favorite reusable sandwich bags. Fair warning, we did find that the opening of these bags can be a little awkward so it might be a little hard to fit a sandwich into them, but its still great for storing snacks. The silicone material is also super durable and it can protect food while also being useful in other ways, such as replacing plastic bags in sous vide cooking or storing food in the freezer.

Get Stasher Reusable Bags on Amazon for $11.99

21. A kit that makes you a kombucha brewing expert

Kombucha Shop
Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

Brewing your own kombucha is easier than you think.

Kombuchas popularity is still booming despite the relatively high price of $4 for a single bottle. Making it at home can be a fun way to save some money on a Kombucha addiction, and the Kombucha Shop's Kombucha Brewing Kit can turn you into a master home brewer.

This is kit has everything youd need to start brewing from tea to sugar to even your own scoby (a disk of bacteria used in the fermentation process) as well as the instructions of how to do so. It can be hard to find all of these components on their own, so this kit can help you start off on the right foot.

Get the The Kombucha Shop Kombucha Brewing Kit on Amazon for $44.99

22. A guide that helps you trim like a barber

Cut Buddy
Credit: Cut Buddy

Keep your beard sharp.

Facial hair has proven to be much more than a passing trend, but not everyones great about maintaining a clean look. The Cut Buddy is a nifty little guide to help keep mustaches, beards, and everything else clean and even between trips to the barber.

Sometimes self grooming can be tricky with just one little slip up meaning you have to shave completely, so any help is a good thing. Currently half of its 720 reviews are 5 stars, proving that people swear by it to stay fashionable and hirsute in the facial hair department.

Get the Cut Buddy on Amazon for $11.99

23. A neck pillow thats built for a nap

Credit: HoodiePillow

Finally get some sleep on your red eye.

Vacation is fun, but traveling to the destination can be the most exhausting part. The HoodiePillow makes traveling a little more relaxing and comfortable by combining the comfort of, well, a hoodie and a pillow. The soft and warm tandem are great for long trips and help block out a lot of light for a solid nap. It comes in a variety of colors, too, so you can look good while you rest.

Get the Hoodie Pillow on Amazon for $29.95

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