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Christmas is just around the corner, so it’s time to prepare that all-important Christmas tree for your home!

If you’re looking for something a little different this year, then you’re going to love the following 60 DIY crafty and alternative Christmas tree ideas.

Whether you want to make yours from paper, wood, washi tape, or even books – never fear, we’ve got you covered!

It’s time to get into the festive spirit and dive into the following DIY ideas…

Turn a simple tomato cage into a glittery alternative Christmas tree by following this fantastic tutorial from 17 Apart. The best part? This crafty idea will cost you next to nothing!

If you have a feature wall painted in black chalkboard paint, why not make the most of it this festive season and draw on your own Christmas tree, just as A Legg Up has done? Brilliant!

Who would’ve thought that rolls of Christmas paper could look this good? A Little Tipsy initially created this design for Christmas cards, however a larger version on canvas perched on your wall would look amazing.

If you’re a fan of all things sleek and minimal in design, then you’ll love this modern DIY Christmas tree design from Almost Makes Perfect. Not only is it easy to create, but it’s a lot less messy than a real Christmas tree!

This wonderful alternative Christmas tree was featured on Apartment Therapy, so you’re sure to love it! It’s created using an array of the owner’s favorite items – How clever!

If you love that coastal or Hamptons look for your home, then you’re going to fall head-over-heels in love with these DIY shell Christmas trees by At The Picket Fence. Create these on a larger scale for a beach-inspired tree with a metallic twist.

Washi tape is available from every stationary or craft store, so why not buy a roll and create your own tree design in your home, just as Bettina Holst has done? This is a great space-saving option for smaller homes too.

Just imagine a beautiful Christmas tree made from red rosettes. This is exactly what Bored and Crafty has created for her own home, and by following her tips you too can recreate your own.

You might find this hard to believe, but this eye-catching Christmas tree design has been created using Post-It notes! Be sure to head over to Bright Bazaar to see this crafty alternative in all of its glory.

If only arranging a Christmas tree could be as easy as printing one out, complete with glue-on decorations. Thanks to Caravan Shoppe, it totally is! You can print 3 tree designs, as well as decorations, and simply arrange it all on your wall! Children are going to love this idea.

This giant alternative Christmas tree design from Curbly is incredibly beautiful. It uses green tissue paper fringing to bring it to life – Too easy!

Rustic twig trees might be all the rage this year, but this one from DaWanda is the prettiest version we’ve seen yet! Take inspiration from this design and make yours as colorful as possible!

This washi tape tree from Deco Peques demands full attention! Not only is it incredibly eye-catching, but the paper decorations really top it all off. It’s a budget-friendly, space-saving option too!

We kid you not – it’s a beautiful alternative Christmas tree which has been created using cardboard! DIY n Crafts has this brilliant idea, so be sure to check out how it was made!

Here’s a fantastic DIY Christmas tree idea for the book lover – create an alternative tree using books! We all have plenty of books lying around at home, so take inspiration from Family Sponge and create a masterpiece from them!

If you find yourself running out of time this year to organize a fun and alternative Christmas tree, why not consider making one from cardboard, just as Forever Love has done? You can spray paint it metallic gold for extra festive fun!

Here’s another rustic DIY idea, this time from Free People. Artfully arrange sticks and hang them on your wall. Then, simply decorate until your heart is content!

Do you have an old ladder sitting around in your shed? Turn it into an alternative Christmas tree to display in your home! Funky Junk Interiors will show you how it’s done.

These stunning tulle Christmas trees by Girl in the Garage are sure to wow your guests. If you’re really feeling up to a craft challenge, why not make a larger version to display in your living room (complete with presents sitting underneath it)?

Before you throw out that old wood, think about turning it into one of these unique Christmas trees! Her Tool Belt has the step-by-step instructions to help you recreate your own.

Look at this free-standing wooden Christmas tree by Home Talk! The best part is that you can store it away and display it every Christmas, so there’s no need to constantly buy a new tree!

If you fancy yourself a bit of a whiz at making pom poms, then here’s an alternative Christmas tree idea from Joann for you! Create lots of green pom poms and glue them on a cardboard cone for a one-of-a-kind tree this year.

Here’s another fantastic idea you might not have thought of – creating Christmas trees using pages from books! Kayla Aimee has this insightful tutorial.

With a sheet of plywood, nails, and yarn you can create a quirky and colorful Christmas tree design, just like this one from Kro n Prinsessene! Mix and match yarn colors for a whole new look.

This rustic stick tree design from Laloleblog is a unique take on the popular trend as this tree features its sticks closer together, with less space in between. We love it! The fairy lights make it look even more beautiful.

You can also paint some thin logs in eye-catching and fun designs to arrange into a Christmas tree shape on your wall. This stunning design is from Leslie via Flickr.

If that modern Scandinavian look is your thing, then you’re going to love this alternative tree idea from Madame Citron. Follow this intriguing tutorial to recreate your own!

If you’re feeling especially crafty, then why not make this 3D paper triangle tree from Make Zine? When arranged like this on a wall, it turns into a work of art for everyone to admire (even the pups)!

Now this idea from Martha Stewart is pure genius. By arranging pieces of PVC pipe on your walls, you can then sit your favorite festive objects in the pipes as decorations. This is stunning!

With a string of fairy lights and some elegant stars, you too can create a DIY Christmas tree just like this one by Martha Stewart. It looks incredibly beautiful with presents placed underneath it.

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