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Small Business Revolution – Main Street gears up for Season 5 of the show by asking for nominations until October 22.  As a result, you can nominate your town here.

The Deluxe Corporation created the show. And for each of the last four seasons they’ve earmarked one small town And picked six of the SMBs in it. Each episode chronicles how a $500,000 transformation improves the struggling town’s fortunes.

Small Business Trends spoke with Deluxe Corporation’s Amanda Brinkman and makeover guru Ty Pennington about Season 4. And we asked what to expect from the upcoming one.
Looking at the Next Featured Town
Brinkman started with a brief overview of Searcy, Arkansas, the town featured currently.

“This is a southern town is in the Bible Belt ,” she said. “It’s a wonderful place full of people who care about their community.”

The fourth season features several different small businesses there. For example, an Army veteran started ARganic Woodwork. Coty Skinner fills a need by building tables large enough for entire foster families to eat at. On the show, Deluxe offers up marketing tools, a new website and some other expert help to move this and other businesses along.

Pennington offers his expertise in renovation and Co-Hosts the show.
Seeking to Benefit the Community
“I’ve always tried to work on projects that benefit the community. Helping six businesses at once means you’re helping people with their livelihood. And empowering them to help themselves.”

Pennington is no stranger to these ideas. His past shows include Trading Spaces and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

He says he’s proud of how his partnership with this show motivates small business.
Crunching the Numbers to Realize Dreams
“They listen to the experts, crunch the numbers and realize they can have the successful business they’ve always wanted,” he says. “In the end, you’re really bringing an entire town together to help itself. ”

The Small Business Revolution website has some great resources too. There are articles on SMB subjects and even a free quiz for entrepreneurs looking to get started.

Brinkman shared some of the reasons for Deluxe’s enthusiasm for the show.
Creating a Movement to Get Businesses Started
“We wanted to do something that mattered,” she said. “We wanted to create a movement to get people to start small businesses in their communities.”

There were other things to pay attention to.  It’s important for entrepreneurs to make sure their online information is correct. They need to be in the right category . You can respond to reviews quicker.
Focusing on One Overarching Theme
There was one overarching theme.

“You need to be findable online today,” she says. “Not having a website is like building a brick and mortar store and not having a door or putting a sign-up telling folks you’re open for business.”

She said branding was another area Small Business Revolution – Main Street focused on.

“We work hard with these businesses to create an ownable and distinct brand,” she says. “That includes everything from their logo to their packaging to promo and apparel.”


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