12 Genius Car Organizer Products on Amazon (Starting Under $10!)

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Your car is ready to fuel up with these genius organization ideas.

steering wheel inside car with tray clipped on it and takeout food on top

Fuel your car with some new organization finds. 🚗

Enjoy the journey, not just the destination with these genius car organizer ideas. Working on the go, enjoying a quick bite, running errands, or road tripping just got a whole lot easier! 👏🏻

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Here are the best car organizer products to get your car geared up:

1. Never have trash on your floor again with this handy collapsible trash can you can hang anywhere.

hand holding edge of mini trash can hanging over car floor

Buy it on Amazon – $9.99

  • Score 5% OFF with Amazon clippable coupon!

Trash accumulates quickly in cars especially while towing kids around daily or embarking on a road trip. This handy collapsible trash can is easy on the eyes and can go just about anywhere in the car, making sure nothing makes it on the floor again.

hand holding collapsible trash can between car seat and console

Grab some special-sized trash bags for seamless cleanup or I’ve found plastic grocery bags to work just as well – either way, the snaps on each side will keep any bag in place. Best of all, when you’re not using it, it folds flat for convenient, easy storage between your seats.

2. Keep your bags from falling on the floor the next time you hit the breaks thanks to these universal hooks.

bag hanging from car headrest hook

Buy it on Amazon$9.99 (2-pack) (regularly $11.99)

Hitting the breaks happens and before you know it all your belongings are all over the car floor. No more, friends! Thanks to these universal hooks, you can hang any bag facing forward or back and keep all your contents safe from falling.

black hooks of back of car headrest holding bags and phone

Better yet, this two-pack of universal hooks even comes with one meant for holding your phone (perfect for keeping little ones entertained) or you could even use it for all the face masks you may be toting around. It doesn’t get much more versatile than that! 🙌🏻

Hip Tip: If you love toting stuff around in reusable bags, this canvas tote bag is our team’s favorite, and personalizing it is FREE!

3. Keep small items from falling with this between the seat car organizer.

brown car organizers between seats with small accessories inside

Buy it on Amazon – $19.99 (2-pack)

From cash and keys to snacks and hand lotion, this handy car organizer will not just keep your smaller belongings in one spot, but it’ll also keep you from losing items you’re likely to drop on occasion. Best of all, it has a slim design and multiple colors so it’s universal with almost any vehicle with a small space.

Here’s an alternative to close the gap altogether:

car with black gap filler in between seat and console

If you’re needing an alternative to keep all your small items from falling between the seats altogether, we’ve got ya covered. The genius Drop Stop, as seen on Shark Tank, slides over your seat belt catch and pushes down to fill in the gap. 👏🏻

Grab one from Walmart, or score a two-pack for both front seats on Amazon. Either way, you’ll never be looking under your seat for your phone or keys again!

4. Think outside the box and grab a waterproof roof bag to store all your extra stuff. 

white car with black roof bag on top sitting outside

Buy it on Amazon – $79+

Perfect for your upcoming road trip or camping expedition, this waterproof roof bag comes in four different sizes so you can easily store and organize all your essentials while keeping them out of sight too.

It’s durable, highway-safe, waterproof, has no harmful chemicals, and even comes with a non-slip roof mat to protect your car’s exterior.

5. A car visor organizer is a functional way to store much more than your old CDs.

gray car visor organizer with stuff inside

Buy it on Amazon – $14.97 (regularly $16.99)

There’s a good chance you’re no longer hauling around all your favorite CDs on your car visor, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still double as a functional car organizer in the current day. You can stash frequently used rewards cards, pens, headphones, and so much more. In fact, it even has a zipper so anything that’s important can stay safe & secure inside too.

6. Use a handy magnetic vent mount to keep your phone at eye level.

close up of vent clip with phone attached to it

Buy it on Amazon – $10.98 (regularly $14.99)

  • Or buy a 2-pack for just $15.99 (regularly $17.99) 

If you’re always using your phone to navigate to your next destination, consider keeping it at eye level for a distraction-free experience. Over 20,000 5-star reviewers on Amazon have already done it! 🙌🏻

ipad hanging from car dashboard with red wire charger

Even better, this magnetic clip is even strong enough to hold an entire tablet too! Although, reviewers did recommend grabbing a two-pack to provide more stability while driving.

Can’t use a magnet? If you already use a magnetic charger for your device, consider this highly-rated vent clip phone holder or a PopSocket holder car mount (no vent required). They’re both universal and will eliminate the need to put a magnetic sticker on the back of your phone.

7. Store all your work gear in one convenient spot with this front-seat car organizer.

front seat of car with organizer stocked with water bottle pens and paperwork

Buy it on Amazon$23.99

Sure, we all know about the kid-friendly back seat car organizers, but if you’re looking for one at arms reach, this universal organizer is just what you need!

With sections for notebooks, laptops, iPads, reusable water bottles, pens, chargers, paperwork, and anything else you can think of, this organizer can handle all of it… and then some! Plus, the convenient top strap allows you to easily transport it from point A to point B, too.

8. Work while on the go with this steering wheel travel desk.

black tray clipped on steering wheel in car with hand holding starbucks drink on cup holder

Buy it on Amazon $15.97

While it’s definitely not recommended to use this handy tray while driving, it couldn’t be more functional if you spend a lot of downtime in your car!

take out food with chicken tenders and chick fil a sauce on steering wheel tray

Simply hook it on your steering wheel and you’ll have an instant and super sturdy ergonomic workstation or place to eat a hot meal. Waiting in the school pick-up line or working remotely during soccer games just got a whole lot easier. 🙌🏻

9. Make eating on the go with kids a total breeze with this travel caddy hack.

three kids sitting in car with yellow caddies and fast food on lap

Buy them on Amazon – starting at $19.80+ (6-pack) 

Need a solution for the kids in the back? This caddy hack just made eating on the go so much easier and is a fantastic car organizer to use if your family is prone to eating on the go. Store a drink, fries, chicken sandwich and so much more all in one convenient place.

Only need one or two? You can scoop up individual caddies for even less at the Dollar Tree.

Hip Tip: Get even more out of these caddies with these incredibly smart ways to use these caddies at home or on the go.

10. You can even keep all your condiments organized with this dip clip.

saucemoto dipping sauce vent clip holder

Buy it on Amazon – $9.90 (2-pack)

For those who enjoy a dippable snack during their drive, we have a solution for your most beloved dipping sauces! No more sliding around or dropping them on your lap. With these easy-to-use clips, all you have to do is secure it to your vent, and you have a totally elevated eating experience. 😂

hand dipping waffle fry into dip clip

While some people may be concerned with sauce getting in your vents, my Hip sidekick Stetson, says they work perfectly and none of your precious Chick-Fil-A sauce will go to waste. 👏🏻

11. Keep your kids entertained & iPads off the floor with this universal car headrest holder.

ipad clipped to headrest holder on back of car seat

Buy it on Amazon – $26.05 (regularly $30.80)

  • Clip the coupon for an extra $3 off at checkout!

Compatible with 6- to 12.9-inch tablets and iPads, this universal car headrest mount holder will be just what you need to eliminate your costly tech ever hitting the floor again. It even has an adjustable clamp to get your screen at just the right angle for your viewing pleasure.

Carpooling while needing to Zoom in on a conference call just got easier too. 🙌🏻

12. Don’t forget about the junk in your trunk with a functional versatile collapsible organizer.

storage bin in back of trunk with all weather mats

Buy it on Amazon – $22.59 (regularly $24.98)

  • Clip the coupon for an extra 10% off at checkout!

A trunk is a vulnerable place to lose all things while sliding around unharnessed, so make sure to get ahead of the game with this product. This car organizer is waterproof, collapsible when you don’t need it, and even has sturdy velcro strips on the bottom to ensure everything stays in place.

water bottles and reusable bags inside storage bin

Store anything from reusable bags, sports gear, gym shoes, snacks, car cleaning products, and even wipes on the side pockets. You won’t know how you lived without it before! You can also leave it empty and place your grocery bags inside after shopping so you’ll never have groceries rolling to the back of your trunk again. 😉

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