10 Best Power Drills for Your DIY Projects

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If were being totally honest, were not the most experience handiwork people in the whole world even though were avid DIY enthusiasts and skilled crafters. Even so, we still often take on the occasional very simple and DIY based home improvement project! The more practice we get, the more confident we feel and the more willing we are to try something new, so lately weve been thinking about investing in a new power drill. Of course, were also the kind of people who love making sure that we get a high quality product thats really appropriate for what were trying to do, which naturally requires a lot of research. By the time we were finished looking up all the different options and bookmarking the ones we wanted to go back to, we realized wed made a rather comprehensive list of awesome power drill options for DIY projects, so we decided we might as well share it so that other people with similar needs might see it too! Weve always felt appreciative of other people who share their DIY tool reviews and buying guides, so we love it when we can return the favour.

Are you feeling just as intent as we are about the idea of investing in a new power drill for DIY and home projects but you feel like you could use a little more information and guidance in making your choice? Check out these 10 fantastic power drills that we came across in our search, each of which is available nice and conveniently online!

1. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Hammer Drill Kit

Dewalt 20v max xr hammer drill kit

Are you already firmly set on the idea of investing in a power drill of some kind but you havent quite decided whether you want a fully equipped kit, a miniature set to get you started, orjust the drill itself? Well, if youre looking for something high powered but quite accessible, easy to use, and decently affordable regardless of what kind of package you decide to get in the end, then we have a sneaking suspicion that you might get along rather well indeed with this drill design that has several different bundle options thanks to DEWALT!

This drill itself is quite durable and has good RPM thanks to a motor that has high performance transmission and improved longevity compared to previous models of the same piece by this brand. The motor is actually a brushless motor, which runs up to 57% faster than the classic brushed motor, which most models of power drill still run on. Because the drill is durable and designed specifically to handle all different kinds of materials and textures when youre drilling, the company also made sure to include a three mode LED light that helps you navigate all different kinds of circumstances and levels of visibility. Circling back to the idea of being able to choose a variety of bundles with your drill, we think youll like the way this company offers you options to purchase just the drill itself, the drill and 20 diverse drill bits, the drill and 40 drill bits, or the drill and a holster. You can even mix and match these features to customize a package. The only catch here is the fact that the battery and charger are actually sold separately.

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2. KIMO Cordless Drill Driver Kit

Kimo cordless drill driver kit

Are you actually already completely set on the idea of purchasing not only a durable and high torque power drill, but also a complete kit that comes with everything you could possibly need to use it in all of the different ways you might need it? In that case, we think you might get along a little better with something like this fully stocked cordless drill and driver kit fromKIMO. As if thats not enough all together, this drill is actually also one of the most affordable options on our whole list!

This particular brand puts a lot of emphasis on the battery, its longevity, and how many cycles itll run before it finally actually gives up and stops charging; thats why they offer a guarantee of at least 1000 full charging cycles before any slowing of lapse in performance. This drill is a two speed model but also has three primary function- its capable of screw driving, drilling, and impact drilling. It comes with the appropriate bits and features for each of these things, as well as a motor thats well equipped to do all three. This motor is designed specifically to be lighter than the average drill and also to self regulate more and stay cooler. It also packs 300 lbs of torque behind it for drilling through wood, metal, plastic, and the like. The body of the drill itself is designed with lightness in mind as well, aimed at reducing user fatigue and fitting into smaller or uniquely shaped spaces. To go with this lightweight handheld, you also receive three brad point drill bits, six twist drill bits, 33 screwdriver bits, three nut driver bits, a carrying bag, a high powered charger, and a long lasting battery.

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3. SKIL 6445-04 7.0 Amp 1/2 In. Hammer Drill

Skil 6445 04 7 0 amp 1:2 in hammer drill

Are you actually in the market for something very high powered indeed but youve also long been keeping an eye out for a sale because youre stuck working on a slightly tighter budget than youd really like? Then perhaps sale scanning is the best approach for you! The great thing about shopping for your equipment online is that if you cant find the kind of drill youre looking for at a price point you can afford on one site, you might be able to find the same thing that fits the bill another place for a better price. Thats what happened when we were considering this particular model fromSkil, which is currently on sale for under $40, making it half its original price.

This drill is one for those who really need a tool thats packing some power behind it, which accounts for the handle you see at the front; something that not all power drills have. This drill has a 7.0 amp motor and a connecting capability thats particularly well adapted to wide diameter drill bits intended for hammer drilling wood. The handle, which comes with an easy grip rubber covering and is made from durable metal, is intended to give you a lot more control over your tip in order to afford you a more precise and accurate drilling radius. The drill comes with a speed charger and a one year warranty.

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4. Neiko 10503A 6.0 Amp Corded Hammer Drill

Neiko 10503a 6 0 amp corded hammer drill

Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about the idea of working with a high powered pressure drill that packs so much punch it actually requires an additional handle, but youre the kind of person who always likes to research more than one model of the same kind before you settle on a final choice? In that case, wed definitely also urge you to consider this similar but slightly different hammer drill offered byNeiko.

Well totally admit that one of the first things that caught our attention about this drill was actually the price. This design is the most affordable option on our whole list! Thats pretty impressive when its a machine that features a 120 volt motor functioning at 2800 RPM, complete with its own built-in overload protection systems. This handheld has dual function features that allow you to set it to whichever mode is most useful for what you need in the moment; you can choose between hammer drilling (which gives you both hammering actionand rotation) or regular drilling (which gives you only rotation). This makes the tool ideal for using on essentially any light masonry material including wood, bricks, mortar, stone, and concrete. You can further customize the drilling experience within each of these settings by adjusting the direction and speed and using the speed lock feature for consistency where necessary.

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5. DEWALT DCD710S2 12-Volt Max 3/8-Inch Drill Driver Kit

Dewalt dcd710s2 12 volt max 3:8 inch drill driver kit

Are you still feeling most enthusiastic about the drills that come with their own kit but youre also a beginner doing primarily crafting and light DIY based things rather than large home alteration projects, so youre still in the market for something very accessible and easy to use? Then wed be willing to bet that this impressively affordable kit that can be customized in terms of what it includes (for a small price adjustment) thanks toDEWALT might be a little more up your alley!

The handhelds 12 volt battery is one that, although it charges quickly and is simple to remove and install, still features mechanisms that protect it from overloading and overheating while you work. The drills exterior and makeup is intentional, durable, and sleek thanks to the way it was designed to be lightweight and fit in small or hard to reach spaces. Its strong, but its a little on the smaller side as far as power tools go. Despite its size and ease of use, the drill still features two primary speed settings and hefty torque behind each one. It also comes with an LED light for visibility and a convenient belt clip attached. When you order, youre even given the option of adding a 14 piece drill bit set or a 45 piece drill bit set, making the drill a great choice for people with a little more experience and diversity in their usage and needs as well.

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6. Avid Power 12V Cordless Drill

Avid power 12v cordless drill

Are you feeling quite taken with these ideas of things being simple to use, accessible, and affordable but youre also looking for something that already comes with an included kit that you dont have to choose yourself or pay extra for? Then wed definitely suggest taking a look at howAvid Power set up this particular affordable power drills purchase bundle.

This drill is cordless and built with a 12 volt lithium ion battery and a motor that packs enough torque behind it to drill through wood, metal, and most stone or concrete alike. It has two speed settings that offer you either 0-350 RPM or 0-1250 RPM, depending on what youre drilling, how, and with what goal. Although its sturdy and durable, this lightweight handheld with its battery pack on only weights two pounds. Its supposed to be ergonomic and designed for comfort even though its also extremelt function centred, with simple quick-change bits that are intended to be so easy to change that you could do it with one hand while youre working if necessary. The drill also comes with an LED light fixture on the front so you can see no mater your drilling conditions and a magnetic extension tool, allowing you to customize your drills reach.

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7. BLACK+DECKER Corded Drill

Black+decker corded drill

Are you actually quite alright with the idea of using a corded drill rather than a cordless one because youd prefer reliable power over freedom of movement? Then we can totally see why you might skip the designs that require battery packs and charging. Thats why wed definitely suggest taking a look at howBLACK + DECKER designed and outfitted this extremely simple, useful, and affordable corded power drill.

This drill is light, ergonomic, and adjustable in its speed, but its multi0function purpose comes more in the form of the accessories its offered with rather than in any actual adjustable setting you might change in the drills systems. For example, you might equip the handheld with a drill/driver piece for some handiwork or swap that out for a double ended screwdriver bit for other jobs, depending on your needs and goals. Unlike most of the others, this drill actually has a little clip in the side called on-board storage for clipping the next drill bit you might need, or spare drill bit, into nice and conveniently, letting you keep it solidy on hand for when you want to swap the bit out. Like some of the other designs, this drill comes with different options for bit packages upon purchase, but this time you can choose between a 42 piece drill bit set and a 109 piece accessory set.

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8. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill

Black+decker 20v max cordless drill

If youre going to invest in a cordless handheld drill, would you prefer to make absolute sure that its a diverse model that you really can doall kinds of jobs with once youve got the hang of using it, even if youre not quite therejust yet with some of its functions and might only use it for extremely simple things at first? Then we think youll appreciate the different options, bundles, accessory possibilities, and customizable features that come with this particular cordless drill model offered byBLACK + DECKER!

Besides its ergonomic and lightweight handheld piece, its quick-charging and long lasting battery, and its impressively powerful and durable motor, part of this drills appeal is how many different pieces and useful features itcan be purchased with, should it suit your needs. The drill itself at its base price comes with a 20 volt lithium ion battery and charger, six brad point drill bits, 10 one inch screw diving bits, nine two inch screw driving bits, four nut drivers, and one magnetic bit tip holder. Youll also see, however, that (for a small price, depending on what you choose) you have the option of adding an extra battery, a carrying case, a detachable circular saw, an inflator, a mouse sander, a reciprocating saw, or a picture hanging kit. The bundle options truly exemplify just how many things you can do with this singular drill!

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9. KIMO Cordless Drill/Driver Kit

Kimo cordless drill:driver kit

Did you know that you can also use a drill for different kinds of power cleaning on top of being able to build things with it? Believe it or not, drills can help you with some of the most heavy duty grime work you might find around your home so long as you have the right detachable pieces for getting the job at hand done. Thats why we liked this fully stocked and impressively diverse and useful drill bundle offered byKIMO so much!

Besides the handheld cordless drill itself, which is largely the same as the version and model by the same brand that we described in our options above, this particular bundle and offer (which is shockingly reasonably priced, considering what you get with it) offers you a full range of practical detachable pieces. These include three differently sized drill brushes that work in conjunction with the hammer drill function, one detachable flexible shaft, three brad point drill bits, six twist drill bits, 33 screw driver bits, a carrying bag, and even a tape measure. The goal of this purchase is to get you truly all decked out and ready to handle essentially any job or project that might come your way!

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10. BLACK+DECKER 12V MAX Drill & Home Tool Kit

Black+decker 12v max drill & home tool kit

Rather than hunting for just a new power drill, are you actually on the lookout for your veryfirst power drill and, in fact, your first full tool kit of any kind? Then we have astrong feeling youll really appreciate the wayBLACK + DECKER has put together a fully comprehensive beginners tool kit that would well equip anyone for the basics as far as first time tool kits go! Weve seen all kinds of options before when it comes to beginners kits, but its not often that we find one this well stockedon top of also including a power drill thats not only impressively durable and powerful but also cordless.

This particular drill is designed to be light and compact without losing any of its useful function and torque. Designers wanted to let you work with one hand if you have to but without cutting down on battery life, motor speed, or material durability. Besides this super practical little drill, youll also find a well stocked tool kit in that convenient carrying bag. This kit includes a claw hammer, a tape measure, an adjustable wrench, one pair of slip joint pliers, one ratcheting screwdriver, one utility knife, four nut drivers, 32 differently functioned screw driving bits, one level, one complete pack of drilling bits, and a magnetic bit holder. It truly is everything you could need to start out in home handiwork all in one place, but for the price of what some brands will sellonly a drill of this same quality for!

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