10 Awesome (and Affordable) Alternatives To The Supreme Waist Bag

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Waist bags (a.k.a. fanny packs) are by far the biggest bag trend of the last few years. Nearly every stylish celeb from Kendall Jenner to A$AP Rocky has been spotted with a fanny pack over the past year or two — either on their waist or across the body. But there’s one fanny pack that’s more sought-after (and let’s be honest, cooler) than all the others: the Supreme waist bag. It’s low-key, but still an outfit-making statement in 2020. If you can swing it, it’s definitely the waist bag to buy.

The Supreme Waist Bag is practically sold out everywhere, but we found it on StockX for under $250. If you’re looking for an authentic (read: not a fake) Supreme fanny pack, this is the site to get it from.

Black Fanny Pack Supreme

But sadly, most of us don’t have a couple hundred bucks to splurge on a Supreme fanny pack. So to help find a fanny pack that fits everyone’s budget, we rounded up some stylish alternatives to the Supreme waist bag that you can buy right now. From stylish to economical to sleek to all of the above, check out our favorite Supreme alternatives below.


1. Herschel Supply Co. Men’s x Basquiat Nineteen Hip Pack


Jean-Michel Basquiat was one of the most exciting artists of the 20th century. A bonafide prodigy, his art combined a range of different mediums, from poetry to graffiti and more. Recently, one of his paintings was sold for more than $100 million, which means that hanging one of his works on your living room walls might not be feasible. Luckily, Herschel and Basquiat’s Estate came together to create a collection that lets you hang his works on your waist. This fanny pack is as stylish as the day is long and comes with three pockets (the main one, one on the front and one on the back) so you can carry a whole lot of things.

Herschel Fanny Pack Buy: Men's x Basquiat Nineteen Hip Pack $35.99

2. Multifunction Genuine Leather Fanny Pack


Few materials are as classic as leather. Not only durable and long-lasting, leather is also naturally stylish and elegant. However, more often than not, products made with the material come with a prohibitive price tag. Well, not this fanny pack: made with 100% leather, featuring six pockets for the most varied items and available in two colors (black and brown), this bag offers everything — and more. With an adjustable belt, you can extend or reduce the size to fit you better.

Leather Fanny Pack Buy: Multifunction Genuine Leather Fanny Pack $15.99

3. 80’s StyleHDE Fanny Pack


Fanny packs are already an ‘80s style icon, and this HDE model takes the pedal to the metal in true ‘80s fashion. It features two front zippered pockets and a handy rear compartment to keep your ID and cards safe. The fact that it features an adjustable strap that it looks like it came straight out of Saved By the Bell doesn’t hurt either.

HDE Fanny Pack Buy: StyleHDE Fanny Pack $9.99

4. WATERFLY Fanny Pack


Slim, soft and oh-so-economical, this Waterfly fanny comes with an extra-large front pocket, two mini front pockets and a handy rear pocket, just in case. What’s more, its nylon design means it’s 100% water-resistant — just don’t take it into the pool or anything. Available in 25 fun colors, your sure to find a look that fits.

Waterfly Fanny Pack Buy: WATERFLY Fanny Pack $14.99

5. JanSport Waist Pack


In terms of bang for your buck, you won’t find a better deal than this $17 JanSport waist bag. It’s offered in a variety of stylish colors to fit your look, but at this price, we’re tempted to buy it in a few different colors. It features two zippered pockets that are surprisingly spacious, giving you more room to store your essentials whether you wear it around your waist or your chest.

Fanny Pack Jansport

Buy: JanSport Waist Pack $29.80


6. Herschel Fourteen


It’s no surprise we’ve decided to include another Herschel option, as the brand’s become a go-to for well-made, stylish bags, and this waist pack is another hit. It comes in subtle, modern colorways, and has enough room for all your daily essentials. This particular design is available in a wide range of colors, but we’re just smitten with the classic navy blue.

Herschel 14 Bag

Buy: Herschel Fourteen $24.94


7. Champion Attribute Waist Bag


This Champion waist bag kills two trend-birds with one stone. It features the bold Champion logo on the front, upgrading an already trendy 90s-inspired piece with extra style. Made from a mix of polyester, rayon and spandex (but mostly polyester), it’s designed to move when you move, making it a must for the everyday urban adventurer.

Black Waist Bag Champion

Buy: Champion Attribute Waist Bag $22.82


8. Adidas Originals Sling Bag


Another great athleisure logo waist bag is this Adidas sling. It’s simple, easy to wear with athletic outfits or jeans and a tee, and is eye-catching in any situation. Plus, it’s made from 100% polyester, which gives it an entirely unique look and feel. Best of all, it’s available in 17 cool and vibrant colors, from Adi Camo to Scarlet Black. Our favorite? Radiant Red.

adidas fanny pack

Buy: Adidas Originals $25.67


9.The Friendly Swede Fanny Pack


A new take on the classic fanny pack, this friendly option features an adjustable strap and handy zippered pockets for easy access. These particular bags feature a matte finish with a smooth vegan texture, all while using a rubberized PU build for extra stability. Best of all, it comes in four cool colors, so if Matte Black isn’t your cup of tea you can opt for something a little more colorful. Not bad for under $40.

The Friendly Swede Fanny Pack Buy: The Friendly Swede Fanny Pack $39.99


10. Master-Piece Link Waist Bag


If you want a slightly more unique fanny pack, go for this one from Master-Piece. It features a vintage climbing inspired design, and it looks good with a huge range of personal styles. Imported from Japan, it includes a zippered top pocket and an exterior and interior pocket. Even better, it’s made with a twill fabric that’s both stylish and durable.

Waist Bag Cross Body


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